Session DescriptionThe sound of the human voice is a powerful tool which conveys a wide range of moods and emotions. The human voice can project loud enough to excite and cheer at a pep rally, soften its volume to comfort the grieving, or change to a friendly tone or pitch to say “hello” to a friend. Adding voice notes or messages to digital documents can communicate personality, mood, and emotions as well as add a multimedia touch to text-based documents. Although, sound recording software has been a standard accessory program on computers for numerous years, many people either do not know about it or just don’t use it. A solution to becoming a little more technically savvy in the production of word processing, spreadsheet, or presentation documents, emails, and Internet sites is by spicing them up with verbal messages and comments. 

Genealogists and family historians type documents and messages daily using software such as Microsoft Word or email to disseminate information, ask questions, and to communicate with family, friends, other researchers, and research institutions. With all of this text-based communication, digital conversations can often be less personable and bland. The focus of this webinar is on adding audio or voice messages to spice up text-based communications in documents, emails, and Internet sites. This webinar will help participants discover free audio recording tools on their computers and guide them in understanding the added benefits of enhancing digital documents with audio and voice messages.